//Chef’s Blend Cooking Oil | 169 FL OZ (5L)

Chef’s Blend Cooking Oil | 169 FL OZ (5L)


Harvest 2018

B.B.  6/19/2020

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Product Description

Our Asaro Che’fs blend Kitchen Oil is at the heart of any kitchen, whether it is in your restaurant or home!  After travelling the world and speaking with its top chefs, this oil captures the essence of what flavors and textures are eseential in the kitchen.  This blend of cooking oil is delicate in flavor, with herbacious notes and a high smoke point, and is currently used by the best chef’s in Italy, America, and throughout the Mediterranean landscape.

We are extremely proud of this unique blend, and stand behind its daily use.  Every day Extra Virgin Oil from the heart of Asaro Farms in Sicily is the perfect ingredient to use for aioli, sauteeing, frying, marinating, and even grilling!  Add this to your kitchen, and you see how fast it goes!
  • Produced from 100% eco-sustainable crops in Sicily

  • Worked still fresh, within four hours of collection

  • Directly harvested from crops owned

  • Relocated to fields where it was cultivated and harvested

The Asaro Organic Farm is a  family owned estate that has existed for four generations and is located in the fertile Valle del Belice in Sicily. For more than 90 years the Asaro family and a local farm cooperative have cultivated the precious olives of Nocellara del Belice. No artificial fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators or hormones, antibiotics, food additives and genetically modified organisms are used in our crops. Our company has always followed a healthy and eco-sustainable lifestyle.


Extra virgin olive oil, Refined olive oil, Pure olive oil

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